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The best way to publish and monetize your AI models

SaaS-ify Your Models

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Instantly convert your model into an API that anyone can use.

Whether you’re an expert building a model for your business, or an AI enthusiast working on your first model, converting your model into an API is as simple as 'tiyaro push' with our CLI. Just like you push your code to git, push your model to tiyaro.

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Share your model privately, or publish it to the world

Keep your model private or public. It’s your call. Our teams feature lets you share the model within specific groups of users, or you can share it with the entire Tiyaro community.

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Monetize your AI models with ease

With our open marketplace, monetizing your model is as simple as uploading it and making it publicly available. We take care of all the details like tracking usage, hosting and charging users for your model.

Real-time usage analytics on your model APIs

Get detailed, real time stats on your model so you can track who is using your model and how popular it is.


Start publishing today.

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