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The fastest, easiest way to find the best models for your use case

We built the world's first AI Knowledge Graph so anyone can discover the best models for their use cases using plain English, and our search results are comprehensive because we support all of the popular model frameworks and vendors. No more getting lost in model zoos or getting locked-in to one provider.

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Graph-Powered Search


Try any model, from any vendor, instantly

Every model you find on Tiyaro is available to use via an API call. Our AI core serves all of the popular model formats from leading AI vendors, at any scale worldwide. No more downloading giant models and struggling to run them one-at-a-time.


Add your own models or extend the graph, and be seen among the best

Our AI Knowledge Graph is open for you to extend with new concepts and models. Inclusion in the Knowledge Graph helps you distribute your AI-as-API, making your model discoverable alongside other best-in-class options for a given use case. Put your model in front of the right users exactly when they need it most!


Get answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask

Beyond your search terms, we also show you other models and related concepts to explore, helping you discover AI advancements in a way that directly relates to your problem at hand. Go broad and deep without losing yourself in the noise of AI forums, where discovering new solutions is a shot in the dark.

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