Human-like AI agents for enterprise

Businesses use Tiyaro DeepQuery to create Large Language Model-based applications customized with data from internal systems of record

Deeper problem solving skills for critical missions

Tiyaro DeepQuery is an unsupervised LLM engine that rapidly learns from massive amounts of data sourced from the enterprise's chosen systems. It provides precise answers, analyses, and actions for internal and customer-facing business operations.

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Broad functionality across three key dimensions: enterprise use cases, user populations, and data connectivity

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Fastest time to accurate results due to automated data sourcing, data engineering, and learning

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Explainable AI outcomes, with strict data privacy and user privilege safeguards, including private deployment option

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Compatible with a wide variety of open and proprietary LLMs, including ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, Cohere, AI21, and more

LLM Operating System for the Enterprise
DeepQuery's ability to automatically learn from a variety of enterprise systems makes it easy to get started and see quick, accurate results. Its ability to produce a variety of outputs makes it suitable for a wide range of use cases from customer service and employee training to sales and marketing to engineering operations and customer success. Users of all skill levels find it intuitive to use DeepQuery apps to get answers, analysis or program actions for business operations.
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From LLM Ambitions to Action, hands-free, in 1 week or less
DeepQuery shows the fastest time to results in complex data scenarios and broad applicability in complex business operations, compared to verticalized apps and build-from-scratch alternatives. Typical time to first results on production datasets is less than a week. It is fast and easy to fine-tune DeepQuery's trained models without AI expert involvement to better adapt to business requirements.
Enterprise-grade safeguards for your data, models, and users
Data isolation, encryption, privilege-based access techniques are on by default in recognition of enterprise data security and privacy needs. Customized models are biased towards accuracy and explainability since business operations and customers depend on them. And finally, we offer a range of deployment options from private Tiyaro infrastructure to your private cloud to match your IT standards.

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