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AI agents for human-like problem solving in a variety of support interactions from simple self service to complex escalations.

Can technology really replicate your best customer service employees?

Your business thrives on exceptional support teams that solve complex customer issues creatively. While AI is the best known option to amplify your teams with technology, most AI chatbot solutions only provide simplistic responses to easy questions. This approach fails to address the nuanced challenges customers face, making these tools neither engaging, effective, or efficient.

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AI chatbots help no one
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There is a better way to leverage AI for customer support...

Tiyaro DeepQuery delivers human-like problem solving for customer support

Tiyaro DeepQuery is an AI engine designed to solve customer support issues, from simple self-service requests to complex escalations. Leveraging LLMs and enterprise-specific product and customer data, it identifies the best solution strategy and executes it through multiple steps using built-in tools, delivering sophisticated responses to complex problems.
  • Amplifies support bandwidth while maintaining high standard of problem resolution on diverse range of problems and products.
  • Provides accurate, thorough responses while surpassing customers’ time to resolution expectations.
  • Adapts to constant changes in product behavior, usage patterns so your staff can be spared the typical retraining costs and latency.

Trusted by the world’s best brands for large scale customer support

Enterprise-grade safeguards for your data, AI processing, and users
Data isolation, encryption, privilege-based access techniques are always on in recognition of enterprise data security and privacy needs. DeepQuery responses are biased towards accuracy and explainability since business operations and customers depend on them. And finally, we offer a range of deployment options from dedicated Tiyaro infrastructure to your private cloud to match your IT standards.
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