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Every model, every vendor, all served by us

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Start using any model in minutes, not months

We serve tens of thousands of models as APIs, across hundreds of different vendors and frameworks, so you can focus on using AI, not operating it. You don’t need to waste another minute worrying about deployment, serving stacks, or hardware. You’re welcome :)

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All the enterprise features you’d expect, at no additional cost

From day one, you get role-based access, multi-tenancy, military-grade security, and robust analytics across all of your applications. Until now, AI has been mostly a blackbox for developers. With Tiyaro, it’s just a normal part of the software development lifecycle.

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Free to start, then pay-as-you-scale

Whether you are a developer experimenting with AI or a researcher benchmarking models for your paper, Tiyaro's API credits make it practically free to start and cost-effective to scale. Our engineers invented our AI core to maximize performance at the lowest possible cost so you don't need to spend a fortune on infrastructure.

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Goodbye MLOps, hello AI as API

Instead of building yet another MLOps stack that’s only marginally better, our unique AI-as-API approach eliminates the need for MLOps altogether. We are done making faster horses just as you are done riding them.


Start using AI today.

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