AI is not for everyone. Until now.

We’re making AI accessible to any developer building a smart application. We’ve done it before with virtualization and video distribution, now our sights are set on AI.

The Backstory

For 5 years before Tiyaro, some of us made and sold an edge software stack to host AI applications. Our customers - from Fortune 500 enterprises to smaller companies - had one thing in common: great clarity on what they wanted to do with AI but a tough time actually getting it done. The time, effort and expertise required to do even simple PoCs, let alone run anything in production, made AI an aspirational technology at best.

It shouldn’t be that way. AI is going to be a foundational computing primitive and as such, must be accessible to all application developers and affordable to all businesses. Tiyaro makes it so.

Past attempts to democratize AI focussed on making AI experts more productive with AI. Good accounting software makes accountants more productive, but doesn’t make everyone an accountant. Similarly, good AI software to make AI experts productive doesn’t make AI accessible to everyone. This realization, and its consequence on our product design is what makes Tiyaro different from every other AI platform you have seen so far. You don’t have to take our word for it – sign up for free and see for yourself!

Company at a Glance

Tiyaro is seed-funded by General Catalyst and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our engineering teams are based out of silicon valley, Seattle, and Berlin. We are taking on challenges at the intersection of systems, AI, and developer experience. We serve users in 6 continents, and are looking for colleagues in at least 3.

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